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Nigiri Price Qty. Roll Six pieces per order Price Qty.


2.00 Tuna Roll 鉄火巻 4.50
Fresh Salmon サーモン 2.25
Yellow Tail Roll  ねぎはまち 4.50
Tuna まぐろ 2.25 Real Crab California Crab ,Avo, Cucumber 4.50
Yellow Tail はまち 2.75 California Roll Crab stick,Avo,Cucumber,Fish roe 4.50
Flounder ひらめ 2.00 Beach Roll Shrimp, Avo 4.50
Squid 3pcs いか 3貫 6.00 Virginia Roll Tuna, Avo, Fish roe 4.50
Octopus たこ 2.25 Eel Roll Eel W/Cucumber 5.00
Fresh Water Eel うなぎ 2.75 Spicy Tuna Roll Tuna,fish roe, Cucumber 4.95
Scallop 2pcs ほたて2貫 .6.00 Bagel Roll Salmon,Avo,Cream Cheese 4.95
Salmon Roe いくら 2.75 Manhattan Roll Spicy Crunchy Shrimp 5.95
Shad Roe まさご 2.00 Mexican Roll Spicy Crunchy Tuna 5.95
Sea Urchin うに 6.95 Green Roll Spicy Crunchy Asparagus 5.95
Sea Eel 穴子 3.50 Shrimp Tempura Roll 1large Shrimp, Ginger, Ooba, and fish roe ( 4pcs ) 6.00
Shrimp えび 2.00 Caribbean Roll Steamed Lobster, Shrimp,
Avo, & fish roe blended with a creamy sauce (4 pcs )
Sweet Shrimp 甘えび 3.50
Mackerel さば 2.25 Spicy Tuna Tempura roll 6.50
Egg Cake 玉子 1.75 Calamari Roll Crispy Calamari & fish roe topped off w/ Jalapeno sauce ( 4pcs ) 7.00
Quail Egg うずら玉子 1.50 Godzilla Roll Tuna, Cream Cheese, fish roe inside then crispy fried & Spicy Sauce 6.50
Crab Stick カニカマ 1.75
Toro とろ Daikichi Roll Cal Roll topped off w/ a Spicy Scallion & Shrimp Mix
** Baked to a Crisp!!!**
clam 2pcs
ホッキ貝 2貫 4.00
Tubu Clam 2pcs  つぶ貝 2貫 4.00 Rainbow Roll Spicy Cruncy in side, Tuna,Shrimp,Salmon,etc on top 12.00
Aji Mackerel 2pcs    あじ 2貫 5.50 Dragon Roll 2006 Grilled Eel over a California &
Shrimp Tempura Roll
Real Wasabi 本わさび 1.00 Avocado-Asparagus Roll 4.00